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And despite the pain of knowing her husband was a lying crack addict, she was determined to stick by him and get him off the drugs.Jackie said: "Even though my marriage was collapsing, I never once took off my wedding ring.I looked at my girls and knew I couldn't leave their father when he needed help so badly. They say we'll stick together in sickness and health, and my husband was really ill.I didn't want to be with Craig for the good times, then say goodbye when things got tough."That's not to say that I didn't often think about leaving him, I did.In fact three times I took the girls with me to Ireland but it was more in the hope that it would shock him into changing his ways."I didn't sleep all night, so when he crept in and pretended to be asleep downstairs, I was ready for him. He curled into a ball and just kept crying 'sorry, sorry, sorry'." What long-suffering Jackie didn't know then was that hours earlier the Mirror had caught Coronation Street star Craig taking 60 hits from a makeshift crack pipe on a car journey from London to Manchester.That was last July, but the hurt is still raw - at one point she flees the interview room in tears and struggles to contain her emotions throughout.

But each time, the deep love for the man she met on a double date in Dublin 11 years ago, pulled her back.

"It would work for a while then he'd soon slip back to his old ways." BUT Jackie had no idea just how out of control Craig's habit had become, until she read our exclusive story and saw the shots of his wild-eyed drugs binge.



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