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When Niall and I realised we were probably saying ‘this is weird’ too often and too loudly – and people started to notice I was filming their hilarious foot movements – we decided to break loose from the comfort of our snobbish bubble.

This revelation came just in time for the funky finger exercise, which started as the innocent coming together of two people by connecting wiggling index fingers and ended in a sort of ballroom dance, where everyone danced around connected by their wiggly fingers with their eyes closed.

It was all giggly and creepy and people quite clearly felt like total muppets.

But they were making the best of an incredibly fucking weird situation, and in turn you could see the good vibes they were generating between them.

As we engaged in what I can only describe as a form of play for adults, I was conscious of the audience on the other side of the large glass doors in the beer garden.

Every activity incited that gross awkwardness you get when someone farts in a professional environment.Meanwhile there was me in the corner behaving like a girl with seriously aggressive peepers.



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