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The latest update, which is available right now on the App Store, takes Google Maps for i OS to version 4.18.0, and brings additional user preference settings as well as a brand new extension that can be accessed through the Notification Center.

Google Maps is barely recognizable from the app experience that used to ship as stock offering within i OS before Apple moved across to its own vector-based Apple Maps nearly four years ago.

The latest update may not seem like an instant home-run until you try it out for yourself, but it’s been frequent updates like these that have taken the software to where it is today.

As I said before, I’m currently working for Vodafone on mobile browser compatibility and W3C Widgets.

Apple may have introduced its own mapping service with the release of i OS 6, but that hasn’t stopped Google Maps from being one of the most popular apps on the i OS App Store.

It also hasn’t deterred the Alphabet-owned company from investing engineering and financial resources into continually updating the i OS version of Google Maps with new and innovative functionality.

Of course, the latest update also includes the obligatory bug fixes and general under-the-hood improvements to the underlying codebase to try and make the whole Maps experience a lot more pleasurable and stable for the end-user.Google Maps may no longer ship as a default installation on the i Phone, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious contender to the Apple Maps throne within the ecosystem.


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