Windows xp group policy not updating


You can configure update policies before installing applications that use Google Update or at any subsequent time.Note: Google Update policy settings require that the machines be joined to an Active Directory Windows Domain. Google Update makes use of Microsoft Windows® Group Policy and Active Directory, a services infrastructure that delivers and applies configurations to users and computers.Network administrators can apply a set of policies to their managed computers using Active Directory.Alternatively, they can use other administration mechanisms, such as logon scripts, to directly modify the registry values described in the Registry settings section below.Google provides an Administrative Template that defines policies for Google Update/Google Installer.You can apply Google Update policies by loading the Administrative Template into the Group Policy Editor of your choice.


If you are unfamiliar with Group Policy technology, see Power users can use the same policies to control updates on their own machines.Google Update is an end-user application that installs and updates many of Google's applications for Microsoft Windows®.The document is written for Microsoft Windows® domain administrators.

The Google Update policies will appear in your Group Policy editor after loading the Administrative Template.

In Group Policy Editor, the Google Update polices will be in one of the following locations depending on your operating system: Minimum number of minutes between automatic update checks.


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