Witcher 2 launcher not auto updating

HOPEFULLY if they know enough people are still having problems (I suppose not being abel to play the game we paid for counts as a problem) we can get some kind of official response or acknowledgement to this bug.It seems the consensus is "Disable antivirus and it works. None of the (many) fixes I have tried have worked for just about three days now.Next Problem" is the SOP for this one, but it clearly hasn't stopped there for a lot of us. I'm pretty sure the PS3 would've at least launched it. I hear we've actually got Internet back on that thing, so that's nice.I think part of the problem lays with the game not auto-generating the necessary files in order for it to start.


I downloaded the Gog witcher exe which solved the problem.

@jhoonicx what do you need is to update your drivers,for this click HERE. updating your Origin client..the latest Beta version /top left Origin menu, Application Settings - General.. restart Origin and make sure you are the administrator, run the setup file Origin with Admin rights,to see how click HERE . Then go to the Origin menu, Application Settings, Origin In Game, and then uncheck "Enable Origin In Game."Run the Game as administrator by following the steps below:-right click on your game's desktop shortcut.-select 'Properties'.-click on the 'Compatibility' tab and check the box at the bottom under 'Privilege Level' where it says 'Run this Program as an administrator'.

It may work for you if the Anti-virus fix does not work, but I guarantee nothing: page=4 Make sure to backup your exe I'm still there, too.

None of the (many) fixes I have tried have worked for just about three days now.

Step 2: Go into the newly created My Documents folder and copy the Witcher 2 folder to the my doucments folder of your main account.

Log back in to your main windows account and enjoy.



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