Woman germany sexe

"Germany today is a 'sex paradise' for foreigners – thanks to the 2002 reform which permitted conditions that our neighbouring countries are amazed at: large brothels with low fees and flat rates, and 'wellness' brothels," Ms Schwarzer said.

Her comments come amid a debate about Germany's prostitution laws, which were relaxed in 2002 to make employing sex workers legal.

It calls for the current laws to remain intact and prostitutes' rights to be improved.

Specifically, it demands the inclusion of sex workers in any political debate about prostitution as well as assurances that Germany will not follow Sweden's example by outlawing the use prostitutes. Prostitution is a professional activity where sexual services are offered for money," the petition states.

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The aim of that change was to improve sex workers' rights and give them better access to pensions and health care.The use of child prostitutes and forcing women to sell sex remains illegal.



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