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Music labels help make that happen, working tirelessly to find new artists, help them reach their potential and connect to fans. The recommendations for good practice have been developed by the Guideline Development Group (GDG), using relevant legislation, guidance and policy as the foundation for good practice.The policy should include written processes for: Health and social care practitioners (care home staff, social workers, case managers, GPs, pharmacists and community nurses) should ensure that care home residents have the same opportunities to be involved in decisions about their treatment and care as people who do not live in care homes, and that residents get the support they need to help them to take a full part in making decisions.See appendix B of the full guideline for a list of key resources used in developing this guideline.When a recommendation is aimed specifically at a person or organisation, this is clearly stated.

Investing in great artists and protecting their creative freedom is at the heart of our work.

Our members work tirelessly to find new artists, help them reach their potential in the business and connect to fans.


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    These tasks will return exit/error codes when log file is generated.

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    It means doing everything we can to practice what we preach.

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