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‘Unfortunately I didn’t know what I know now about nutrition, nor were there many alternatives available that I could realistically eat in the amounts required to adequately sustain the level of protein needed to build the muscle that I was in hot pursuit of.‘On a typical day I would have eaten either four chicken breasts, 500g of mackerel, four tins of tuna or 18-20 eggs, plus 150g whey protein each day.But months after winning the title, Barny turned vegan – and says he found himself in better shape than ever.


THEN Breakfast: 10 egg whites, nuts and corn flakes Mid-morning: Whey protein, cereals and a banana Lunch: Chicken, rice, veg and seeds Mid-afternoon: Chicken, rice and veg Post-workout: Whey protein Dinner: Oven chips and a 10 egg white omlette Pudding: Quark with whey and rice crispies.NOW Breakfast: Vegan protein shake and a banana Mid morning: Rice flakes, seeds, vegan protein powder, super greens, flax oil Lunch: Veg, brown basmati rice, mixed lentils, beans and chickpeas Mid-afternoon: Same as lunch Pre-workout: Coconut oil, coffee, and beetroot juice Post-workout: Vegan protein shake and a banana Dinner: Same as breakfast ‘Around 20 years and 55 shows later, with multiple national and international bodybuilding titles, I finally won the prestigious Mr Universe title in 2014 on my third attempt.


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