World of warcraft updating setup files


EXE F:\ WAR2 ____________________________________ so your in. But it works now and the game is just like I remember it. with the rip files you extract the game folder "warcraft-ii-tides-of-darkness" then put in your Dos folder in C:, if you dont have 1 make 1, then open dos box, when its opened Z:\mount c c:\dos Z:\c: C:\cd warcr~1 C:\warcr~1war2cd then play!!!!!!


One of the most popular strategy game of its time, Warcraft II have crushed all competitor when it got out.

Awesome music, multiplayer at its finest, very good design and sprites, included editor for scenarios, sounds and voices.

The RIP file is set up to use without any such difficulties. do what Gamechamp listed then mount two drives a c: and d: I tested 1Solution To Unite Them All's solution and it worked, although it can be done even simpler than that.

You don't need to make a subfolder of the game within the game folder. mount c c:\games\w2\ c: w2crack (And yes to both overwrites) mount f c:\games\w2\ -t cdrom war2cd Do this and the Cd Rom issue should not happen. that the standard steps would be: mount c c:\games\w2\ mount f c:\games\w2\ -t cdrom c: war2cd Other stuff: While at c:\ you can also run setup to get sound and music. i followed the instructions written by other players and still doesnt work !! im a noob maybe but i need a specific explanation ...

SHORT EASY AND WORKING WITH RIP TOO 1)create a folder in drive C named "w2cd" 2)now extract the RIP zip file, you have two folders in it the "MACOSX" one ant the other "warcraft-ii-tidesxxxxx". Thank me Later The reason some dont get it working i because the CDRom path is wrong... when i tried to play a campaign in dosbox it told me to insert the CD. I ran the by dragging it on top of DOSBox and overwrote the files.

so i am making progress but i clearly need a little bit more help with regards to this. Thank you i extracted/unzipped the download it only gives me two file's named warcraft 2and warcraft 2i have no idea what to do at this point, as windows 10 only uses 7zip and its not giving me more files like i have seen in other peoples tutorials. thank you Hey guys.i saw a coment on here reguarding a server that is available to play online agesnt other people...i looked into this and yes it is an advant gamer i noticed there are no music files associated with that version, and maybe ican speak for some of us when i say.. I was getting an "insert CD" error, which I couldn't figure out through DOSBox, especially since I can't manually type in file directories since the backslash key on my keyboard is broken. I copied the folder location to all the wc2 files and pasted it into the file under CDPath=.


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