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(NOTE: before version 1.3.7, the player/target unitframes were hidden by default.Follow the same steps to enable them if desired) 2.Yes, check the "Combo Points" and "Sunders" modules in the /icehud configuration panel.(Note that these modules may not show up if you're not of the appropriate class to see them.You can disable this in the Player Cast Bar settings under the /icehud configuration screen. Is there a bar that shows breath underwater and if so, how can I adjust it? There's a long green bar that sometimes shows up below everything else. It's configurable through the /icehud module settings. Type /icehud, select one of the custom module types in the drop-down at the top of the settings page, and press the Create button. Type /icehud, expand Module Settings, expand Player Health (or Target Health for targets), click Icon Settings.

How do I turn off click-targeting and menus on the player bar?

Type /icehud, expand the "Module Settings" section, click "Player Health," un-check "Allow click-targeting." Note that as of v1.3, there is now an option to allow click-targeting out of combat, but turn it off while in combat. How do I hide the HUD or change its transparency based on combat, targeting, etc.?

How do I hide the default Blizzard player, target unit frames and party unit frames?

Type /icehud, expand the "Module Settings" section, click "Player Health" or "Target Health," and check "Hide Blizzard Frame" and/or "Hide Blizzard Party Frame".

If the text is alpha locked, it will not drop below 100%, otherwise it respects its bar's transparency setting.

Player Health/Mana, Target Health/Mana, and pet bars should all have these options. Is there any way to see combo points for Rogues and Druids or sunder applications for Warriors?


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