Wozniacki dating rory mcilroy

Holly added: "I surprised myself with how calm I was when he told me.I thought something was up because I didn't really hear from him during the trip to that boxing match in Germany that she was at."Then he got home, went straight to see the dogs instead of me, dodged me when he came through the door and then sat me down and told me that he met with her in Germany and that he wanted to see how it would go with her." But there is no suggestion that anything happened between Rory and Caroline in Germany."But when you're on a beach with nothing to take your mind off things, it still crops up.


HEARTBROKEN Holly Sweeney spoke for the first time yesterday about her love split from Rory Mc Ilroy revealing: "I never thought he would do this to me." In an explosive interview, Holly, 21, told how her world came crashing down when the multi-millionaire golfstar ditched her to start seeing world tennis No1 Caroline Wozniacki after they split up.Brave Holly told the Irish Sunday Mirror of her hurt when Mc Ilroy told her that he "fancied" Wozniacki as they watched a tennis match together in their €1.75m mansion in Co Down.And she revealed how she was heartbroken when he left her at home and flew to Germany to watch a boxing match where he met the tennis babe.After opening the doors to her new home - a stunning two-storey penthouse apartment in Belfast, Holly said: "It killed me - that's why I went away to Dubai as soon as we split up, so I didn't have to look or think about it.

IThis was a different thing altogether." Holly told of how she first suspected Rory would leave her for Danish sports star Wozniacki.

She said: "I saw a tweet from Caroline saying she met Rory and that he was a great guy or something along those lines and my heart sank.



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    Later, Zayn lights up a cigarette in a bid to fully strip that good-boy image. Looks like Perrie Edwards is officially ready to move on and enjoy the single life after splitting from ex Zayn Malik. Zayn Malik has spoken about his split from former fiancee Perrie Edwards for the first time.

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