Wu chun ella chen dating


Yixing's coming to terms with the unexpected intrusion of a stranger in his life. This is a Fan Fiction which I wrote back in 2008 for a Chinese forum as a member. Hebe and Fu Zhen look so alike that everybody mistoken her as Fu Zhen, and because of this, she was always hurt by Aaron. This rose is not normal , it will boost their powers.


Her mood is always kept in the good tip-top condition.From make-up to commencement of the cover shoot, Ella is like an Energizer-bunny, bustling around the whole studio, seemingly with no intention to even catch any breather.On the other hand as I was suffering from drug allergy that day, other than the simple exchange of greetings at the start of the session, I decided to take a backseat to do other backroom duties.Meanwhile Ella seemed to worry that she might have neglected some one in the studio; hence, she even took time to walk over and chat with me before she leaves.


Source: Shi Bao Magazine (Vol 1667) Credit of Scans: irenechen Ella of Baidu ELLA Translation by: shyun_y @ *PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS* Exclusive Interview: Accused of Disagreement with Director and Being Difficult.Ella speaks up: I’m Maligned by Producer From afar you would have heard a series of hearty laughter, even before you catch sight of her – this is the signature of Ella’s uniqueness.



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