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The two websites that were affected are Muslim and The data breach was reported two weeks when Muslim was hacked, and followed by Shadi.com, which was hacked on July 10.The data contained over 150,000 user account details and more than 790,000 private messages exchanged between the users.

Affected users can head to the Leaked Source website to know if their data is available online.In a similar incident, Softpedia reported that Afrika and Adult Single au were also hacked into and more than 12,000 and 67,000 records respectively were leaked.Pink uk, an escort website was also breached earlier.It’s time to publish the first timeline of July, covering the main cyber attacks occurred between July 1st and 15th, 2016.

Two Muslim dating websites were hacked this week and the entire data that was stolen is now available online.

According to Leaked Source, a hacker managed to breach into two dating websites for Muslims on July 10, 2016.



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