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Our summer services make all of this transparent, allowing parents to gain insight into how the camp experience is really benefiting their child.Throughout this site, find out why Bunk1 is offering you the complete camp management solution.Our latest All-Inclusive Camp Management Platform is revolutionary.It's elegantly designed to exceed parent's expectations, improve your efficiency, and allow you to focus on providing children with the best opportunities and experiences." }, "data F": { "name": "Emma", "age": "30 years old", "city": "Toronto (Canada)", "photo": "/global/img/stories/stories_1_f.jpg", "answer0": "I got an invitation, and then... " }, "photo MF" : "/global/img/stories/stories_3.jpg", "photo Big MF" : "/global/img/stories/stories_3_big.jpg", "intro" : "I found my princess thanks to [site Name]" }, "stories_4":{ "data M": { "name": "Michael", "age": "24 years old", "city": " Liverpool (UK)", "photo": "/global/img/stories/stories_4_m.jpg", "answer0": "To find my soul mate and out of curiosity", "answer1": "I did", "answer2": "Nothing at the beginning. Then we started knowing each other through the private chat", "answer3": "All these tools together, I had to get her attention!I hope to finish the house pretty soon so we can start living together." }, "data F": { "name": "Blair", "age": "27 years old", "city": "Philadelphia (USA)", "photo": "/global/img/stories/stories_0_f.jpg", "answer0": "By chance, then I continued out of curiosity", "answer1": "He did, he wrote a couple things through the chat which really caught my attention.", "answer2": "The picture, he's so cute! " }, "photo MF" : "/global/img/stories/stories_1.jpg", "photo Big MF" : "/global/img/stories/stories_1_big.jpg", "intro" : "I met my dream and even if we are far away, thanks to [site Name] he is always close to me" }, "stories_2":{ "data M": { "name": "George", "age": "37 years old", "city": "London (UK)", "photo": "/global/img/stories/stories_2_m.jpg", "answer0": "Because it was a fast way to meet new people without getting out of the house", "answer1": "I saw her in a picture, I really liked her so I decided to send her a message", "answer2": "Honestly I was impressed by her profile picture, she's gorgeous", "answer3": "Messages", "answer4": "An amazing love like this, doesn’t need any plans!!The camp directors and staff are vitally important to this.

", "answer3": "Chat", "answer4": "I’d really love to go and live with him in New York." }, "photo MF" : "/global/img/stories/stories_0.jpg", "photo Big MF" : "/global/img/stories/stories_0_big.jpg", "intro" : "After a few weeks we were a 'couple' already" }, "stories_1":{ "data M": { "name": "Paul", "age": "31 years old", "city": "Ontario (Canada)", "photo": "/global/img/stories/stories_1_m.jpg", "answer0": "To meet women.", "answer1": "She did", "answer2": "Everything, a wonderful girl who had something special. " }, "data F": { "name": "Sarah", "age": "36 years old", "city": "London (UK)", "photo": "/global/img/stories/stories_2_f.jpg", "answer0": "Out of curiosity, a friend of mine introduced it to me", "answer1": "He did", "answer2": "We've got a lot in common", "answer3": "Messages and chat", "answer4": "Well, we’re becoming mom and dad in September…" }, "photo MF" : "/global/img/stories/stories_2.jpg", "photo Big MF" : "/global/img/stories/stories_2_big.jpg", "intro" : "Such a great love could only start at [site Name].. " }, "stories_3":{ "data M": { "name": "Olivier", "age": "26 years old", "city": "Buffalo (USA)", "photo": "/global/img/stories/stories_3_m.jpg", "answer0": "To find new friends", "answer1": "I did", "answer2": "I was impressed by her picture", "answer3": "The wink, then the other instruments", "answer4": "We are not making plans because things between us are spontaneous and we both think that's great!

She's funny and intelligent", "answer3": "Winks, chat and messages... ", "answer4": "My dream is to be always next to her! ", "answer1": "I did", "answer2": "Everything", "answer3": "The wink", "answer4": "I went to Ontario for Christmas, I haven't seen him for many days now... " }, "data F": { "name": "Elise", "age": "27 years old", "city": "Austin (USA)", "photo": "/global/img/stories/stories_3_f.jpg", "answer0": "I never took those things seriously, I just wanted to chat to kill time", "answer1": "He contacted me", "answer2": "The description", "answer3": "The wink and chat", "answer4": "To never break up!

Then contact us to schedule a demo and we will show you how to customize our system for your organization.

{ "stories_0":{ "data M": { "name": "John", "age": "35 years old", "city": "New York (USA)", "photo": "/global/img/stories/stories_0_m.jpg", "answer0": "Curiosity, for fun, and to pass the time while at the office", "answer1": "I did", "answer2": "Everything", "answer3": "Chat", "answer4": "For the time being, we see each other two weekends a month and we’re between New York and Philly.

At Bunk1, we believe camp provides children with countless opportunities for personal growth.

It is at camp that a child learns to be independent, work through difficulties, resolve conflicts, step outside of the comfort zone, and develop problem-solving skills that they will use throughout their adult life.



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