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If you cannot get a personal data from the woman, you should search for another dating services which gives you a possibility to get in touch with a woman out of the site.

I have spent thousands on this site and I only hope that for this, there is such a woman to meet when the time comes. I did offer to come in end of April but she said this was not a good time as she will be busy with work. I hope that this reason is genuine, but still a little nervous after reading about some of the things on this site.

I would recommend you to ask the woman for her real name and then find her profil on Russian social networks like or

I know that the majority of International dating sites are very expensive but some of them allow to get a direct contact from your lady in order to communicate with her out of the dating site (e.g. Surely, there is a chance that your lady may be real but this chance, as for me, is not great.

Communicating with this woman you buy a pig in a poke – you do not know 100% if the woman is a scam or not. It can save your money, time and especially your feelings!


cet endroit et ils ont dmnag un autre site qu'on appelle Shatshek et ils ont encore une fois dmnag et cette fois c'tait Shekutamitsh (chicoutimi) il y avait encore un site o il y avait d'autres indiens.This bilingual relationship site is comprised of more than 360,000 subscribing members and is the largest personals/relationship site in Quebec with nearly 54 million page views in the month of December 2001.



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