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My first date with my boyfriend, he paid for lunch out. The second time we just went downtown and walked around all night, for hours, talking.We did eventually get hungry and stop and eat somewhere. (I'm not one of those people who think the man has to pay for everything, that's not very fair.)By then, I liked him, he liked me, we had hit it off, and he didn't have to spend money to impress me, that's not what I look for.From the population figures I've seen: single ladies migrate to pop. And up to half move back to their upbringing to raise children. Even guys who claim to appreciate non-physical traits like brains, thrift, humor, etc.Thus concludes my narrative, on 'where the single ladies at.'Ah, OK. When ERE has world domination in 50 years and gay ERE dating websites abound, historians will look back at this thread as the momentous precursor to their dating paradigm. seem to consistently date or try to date women who are physically almost interchangeable (i.e., one guy goes only for tall brunettes, another seems to be blind to women who aren't Asian, and so on).If I try to fix a guy friend up with someone, they immediately ask about the woman's physical appearance.I haven't noticed this quite so much in women, although I'm sure there are other things women do when seeking out a partner that are similarly shallow.I just have this question: Why do you want to be with someone that just expects you to flash the cash all the time? if after a few dates they are still expecting that kind of behavior, and ERE is one of your important life goals, you are probably not compatible. my husband repeatedly called me cheap and refused to let me "control" his money... While I'm neither single, nor a lady, I can say that when I was dating I found many frugal but fun date ideas.


One thing I have noticed with many of my male friends is that they seem to be very strongly motivated by physical appearance.

Question for you guys though: Where/how are you seeking out your ERE-minded mate?

I'm not advocating going out and dating women that you find to be physically repulsive, but you might want to consider whether or not you are (consciously or unconsciously) limiting your pool of potential mates by ignoring anyone who isn't your physical "type".

Seriously ERE minded folk are few and far between, so if that is an important trait to you, you may have to "settle" on some other more superficial qualities. But I read some of the other threads about how is one supposed to find someone, where the dating ritual seems to require all of this up front showing of cash etc...


What I found somewhat successful was this:-Get on a site like Plenty of Fish and write up an honest/accurate profile, describing your interests, life goals, etc.

Don't be too serious and throw in lots of your own brand of humour, but don't lie to make yourself look "better" as this will make things more difficult.



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