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I didn’t have to do it but I thought oh well, I guess I’ll do it and see what happens. I understand social networking and I understand that when you give an app permission to access a social networking account, your contacts will see that you used it. I don’t remember being asked to approve the wording–because if I had been asked, I most certainly would not have approved the wording.[Edit: there actually was a link to “see/edit this message” at the bottom left of the form. I have written to Linked In’s support team notifying them of this abuse of their API Terms of Service.I apparently didn’t see it because it was in the smallest font size on the form and wasn’t underlined, the way links often are. See Section D: “Don’t Harm or Trick Members.” On May 8, 2013, this post made the front page of Hacker News and got a lot of attention.If I had clicked it I would have had a chance to change the text of the outgoing message.] I was humiliated this morning when one of my contacts sent me a heartfelt thank-you. Apply here For fuck’s sake, at this point I most certainly DO NOT recommend people use Founder Dating. I have shut them off from sending more messages on Linked In. Founder Dating’s CEO, Jessica Alter, contacted me and we exchanged several emails. She requested that I make some corrections to this post, which I have done.I had to write back that while I most definitely Hey [Name], I was asked to vouch for a few people to join Founder Dating – an invite-only network of entrepreneurs (50% engineers) all ready to start their next side-project or company. Specifically: Here is a screen shot of the form (I blurred the names): If you click “See/edit this message” in the bottom left corner, this is what you see: To reiterate, all Founder Dating did was send a message I didn’t like to a few people I chose.In addition to requesting that I make clarifications to this post, Ms. I would also like the default message to be less annoying.



I happily complied, and when I was done writing the recommendation I was shown pictures of a bunch of my Linked In contacts.Founder Dating asked me to identify ten that I would vouch for. [Edit: after clicking their photos I clicked a button to submit my selections.] Bad idea. I figured behind the scenes maybe they would send notes to these people, telling them their contact Brian Morearty had used Founder Dating, and suggesting that they try it too. Founder Dating used the Linked In API to send the following note to these ten contacts.



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