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But, in spite of their praise for the service, and their willingness to post personal details — including photographs — on the internet, the public business of finding a mate online remains “embarrassing”, particularly for women.

And the quality of encounters, according to members, is better than ever before.That revolutionary art of introduction — online dating — has finally spawned an inviting realm for princes charming and ladies in waiting.In the past eight years, matchmaking site memberships have grown from nought to hundreds of thousands of users, indicating a social club large enough to be affirmed rather than denigrated.So what do men and women seeking partners online really want?

According to Samantha Herron, ninemsn’s manager of corporate and public relations, non-smoking meat-eaters who are professionally employed are high on the list.“Women are not looking for men in accounting, construction or farming, they’re looking for self-employed, IT communications industries (professionals) who have university education.



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    You're safe and secure with us - every profile is checked by our friendly customer support team who are just a phone call away 24/7 to assist you with your online dating experience.

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    While webcams are great, our Gay Digi Chat Room is pretty cool as well.

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    Please follow all rules and obey instructions given by the moderators or administrators of this site.

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    " In order to answer this question, I will start off by describing a recent "good date" I had: I met a great guy at a networking event once. Right before I was about to leave, Brad approached me and struck up a conversation.

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