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The publication serves over 30,000 unique readers every month with a three-prong purpose to Connect, Relate, and Educate: Online Dating Magazine assists readers in making a connection.

This is a connection with the right online dating service to help them connect with the right person to spend the rest of their life with.

Finally, with the growth of online dating, Bisexual Women are able to browse freely at the profiles of anyone of interest regardless of gender and with the complete local anonymity to keep things private until they voluntarily choose to make their romantic interests more public.

Unfortunately bisexual individuals have been much more isolated – unable to fit fully in the mainstream heterosexual community or the more narrowly defined gay community.Online Dating Magazine accomplishes this by providing daily insight into online dating services and the online dating industry.“It really is a great time to be a woman, bisexual or otherwise, because the online dating experience is evolving to the point where entire communities of wonderful women are there to help you find whoever you are looking for right now.Online Dating Magazine - Dating Services, Tips, Advice, and News Online Dating Magazine provides authoritative insight into the online dating industry.

“Overcoming the anxiety that someone might ‘find out’ about you” is a key factor in joy and enthusiasm so many women share for online dating according to Ms.Zygler, and the recent acceptance of political hot button issues like gay marriage have only served to foster even greater excitement among bisexual women looking for love online.



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