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A division of Shout Factory, Majordomo stands alone as an independent label releasing more current material from younger “indie” bands like The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Von Bondies, Earlimart, Miles Kurosky and The Airborne Toxic Event.

This project was challenging because while there was a very minimal budget to work with, the site still needed to have a database design that would dynamically support band pages, as well as news stories, tour dates and detailed release information all of which would map back to the individual band.

The result was a clean, easy to navigate site that helped give the label a visual brand and feel and provide key information to the consumer.


The one project more than any other that fully encompasses the entire range of my skill-set and strategic approach to creating consumer facing web destinations.Rockn Roll Dating is just as it sounds: an online dating destination for Rock ‘n’ Roll folks of all stripes who feel that musical compatibility is an important piece of the relationship puzzle.Shout wanted somebody with a deep background in music and pop-culture, somebody that could flesh out a robust functional spec, understood the strategic elements of the user experience, and somebody who could oversee the entire build and launch through the entire development life-cycle.The site was initially intended to be a PHP deployment, but the decision was eventually made to build the new Shout in ASP.

At launch, the site featured streaming flash video, a message board community, a news and newsletter archive, flash games, and contests, and a fully integrated Ecommerce engine.Later I incorporated a robust multi-channel media player, audio and video podcasts, and a dynamic tour dates page.



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