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And some guys’ flaccid length is dissimilar to their erect length.

Remember when you were a kid -- or last night at the bar, whatever -- and you scrunched down a straw wrapper, dropped water on it, and watched in amazement as it grew almost four times its original length? How did that tiny little thing just up and become huge in a matter of seconds? seriously, your ding-dongs are like a never-ending magic show.

We can all agree that penises are crazy: they grow, they shrink, they move on their own...

For some men the proportion of collagen is different than others.

For example, in men with erectile dysfunction, studies show that there are changes to the penis in the proportion of collagen fibers, and that effects how stretchable the tissue is.

It’s genetics -- just like some people are taller and some people are shorter.There’s a genetic variation in humans like there is among all species and animals. Some guys’ flaccid length is very similar to their erect length.



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