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It goes to show that geography has little influence on true fandom.

And just how boundless is the energy of the true Lions fans?

Check out the full lyrics to “Gridiron Heroes” and get ready for the game.



The practice was filled with folks who have followed the team for 50, 60 years, or who became fans when they married into a Lions family.

They might call Detroit “Hockeytown,” but there’s just as much longstanding evidence for “Detroit Football City.” Case in point: The Lions fight song “Gridiron Heroes” is one of the oldest NFL team fight songs, dating back to the late 1930’s.

To this day, Ford Field continues the tradition of playing “Gridiron Heroes” when the Lions score.

It’s a proud city that encapsulates the American spirit.

There is perhaps no better personification of these classic ideals than the Detroit Lions.In July 2016, the team announced that for the first time in the team’s history, the lions would have a full cheerleading squad.



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