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For example, one needs three quotations from different companies to buy anything above Rs. Above a lakh, the item needs to be tendered publicly while in IISc, it can be procured under single quotation.

Compare it against the purchase and administrative procedures in IITs/IISc.

Despite this, several universities do commendable research and the list of the top universities in India based on publications and citations can be found here.

The cost (at that time) per month came out to be 0 in India and 0 in USA.

So, it is a significant portion of the salary in India.

In IISc, one can live like me staying in the quarters, not owning a vehicle, use the health center for medicines and live "with ordinary decency with an ascetic spirit" as envisaged by JRD Tata. But then one is comparing different qualities and ways of life.

Regarding the other point of a central system for advertising, the national knowledge commission in conjunction with IISc is working on developing a portal on the lines of and the chronicle of higher education. In this, we are planning to ensure that all conferences, job openings in academia in India, profiles of various researchers will be included. The research facilities in many state universities are minimal: no lab space, no access to scientific journals, high teaching load (12-14 credits per semester) and administrative procedures which are arcane.

Consider that an assistant professor in India earns 000 a year while his/her counterpart earns 000 a year i.e., seven times less.


There should be central website where all institutes should advertise open position obligatorily.I have always been confused by the cost of living comparison.



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