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Call us aspirational, but we really believe a new era of dating is finally here and that apps like The League will become the main way people meet going forward.


No pressure at all.) He's portrayed by a photographers a lot, I have done my research and wanted to create something different, something more focused on his softer side (he's a dog person so he has to have some) rather on just the fact that he's full-tattooed.

(And I was super excited to finally see some dogs:) I didn't have any speedlights with me so I improvised and shot this with window as a backdrop and i Pad.

She's very young, especially mine with her "00009" tattoo, but already very lean, sexy and with some great..ehm, features.

I love my X100 so much, but I just couldn't resist and took this new femme fatale out to the streets of old Dubai, where I'm currently residing.

(for past year most of my work was very clean,colourful and loud so I'm looking for some new paths in this never-ending search for my own unique visual style) We went to shoot a portrait of Loy Machedo together. She handled her role flawlessly and I'm sure it was not a coincidence. Local personal branding strategist and very controversial guy (I was the first photographer to shoot him after the Gregory Heisler.



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