Xbox live games not updating 15 year old dating chat rooms

If it's a different Xbox console from the one you purchased Minecraft on, the license is associated with the first console, and you can only play offline mode on that Xbox, assuming XBLA games work like DLC.

If you are playing on the console the license is associated with, you can play games and their DLC while offline, but not if it's a different console than the one the license is associated to.

My sister could use my Dragon Age DLC until I transferred the license to the new Xbox we got, and then she could. If you have moved to a new box for some reason, try googling Microsoft XBox license transfer tool.


If the XBOX does not get confirmation you actually bought it, you cannot play the full game (precautions). Just connect your XBOX to your router and you should be fine.Your post's are a little hard to read when you are asking for help but you aren't going into detail with what is wrong with your problem.Your post's are a little hard to read when you are asking for help but you aren't going into detail with what is wrong with your problem. When he starts up minecraft it might say disconnected from xbox live and when he picks play it will give him 2 options. This means you can play minecraft full game and still be offline.Anyone know what's going on and how I can fix this?


Just explain everything in more detail so that we can understand what is going on.

You can only do it once in 12 months though so be absolutely sure.


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    Many users got the update via OTA but others who didn’t can follow this guide to update their device with the new Lollipop firmware.

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