Vic and Tay were friends since they were little, so it was only natural for them to grab lunch together while they were both filming in Vancouver, right?

Rumors of a romance spread like wildfire, but Victoria cleared them up to Despite the fact that they grew up on separate tween networks, Nictoria got close during the summer of 2012.

So really, could you blame us for releasing a part 2 to our already amazing interview with Max?!

In this episode, ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos gets Max Schneider to share the amazing stories behind his Instagram photos, including how he met his current girlfriend and the time he was Madonna’s 17-year-old arm candy for the day!

You will find everything from Victorian elegance to Gothic Revival architecture …It’s almost as if Pharrell Williams wrote “Happy” about Max!

It’s his special brand of genuine enthusiasm that makes meeting, let alone an interview, with him so much fun!

Smack that play button to hear all of Max’s great stories!

By signing up and not sending a single email, you have a 100% greater chance to meet people and hookup on a date in Kyles Ford, NV than if you never created a profile (because people can and will still contact you).

He has large dimples and secretly wishes he was in a band.

His hobbies include skinny-dipping and high-fiving celebs.

MAX strips down to his underwear in his new music video for “Basement Party.” In the video, the 24-year-old musician heads underground for a clothing-optional party, where tons of people are having a blast dancing around in their underwear.

Max Schneider’s latest EP, Simon Mohos is the host & supervising producer of all things awesome at ANDPOP.


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