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of Jupiter, Fla., to establish a domain for the porn industry.ICANN first tabled its bid in 2000 out of fear it would be getting into content control.The online red-light district would be in the form of an ".xxx" domain name suffix alongside longstanding ones such as ".com" and "" Following a decade-long battle, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, voted Friday to proceed with a contract with ICM Registry LLC to sell domain names ending in "" ICANN voted in June to start negotiating the contract.The new suffix still has other hurdles to clear, however.It said rules would be established to bar spamming and malicious scripts.Pornography foes, however, countered that sites would be free to keep their current dot-com address, in effect making porn more easily accessible by creating yet another channel to house it.ICM resubmitted its bid in 2004, this time structuring it with a policy-setting organization to free ICANN of that task.

Paul Twomey, ICANN'S chief executive, said the decision largely came down to whether by creating an "xxx" domain ICANN might be put in a position of having to enforce all of the world's laws on pornography.

He said board members were aware of the controversy but "the heart of the decision today was not driven by a political consideration."ICANN, based in Marina del Rey, had postponed making a final decision in August after the U. government stepped in to underscore objections it had received.

Its rejection by a 9-5 vote ends a six-year effort by ICM Registry Inc.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican said on Wednesday an unknown buyer had snapped up the internet address, a domain combining its name with an extension reserved for pornographic content.

Porn sites are closer to getting their own address on the Internet.

At a meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, ICANN decided to first consult with an advisory committee comprised of government officials worldwide.


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    The following summer, Ternovskiy holed up at home and began to toy with the code for a new site that would re-create the atmosphere of the store.

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    The Flash plugin automatically updates itself by default.

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