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Hilarie and Bustos reportedly had a great first date; the pair went bowling and then back to his apartment where she met his roommate.Almost immediately after he dropped her back home, she texted him, “I had a good time and would like to see you again.” According to the , Bustos showed up at his apartment as planned the next evening, but she brought three men with her.From Cosmopolitan Twenty-seven-year-old Adam Hilarie met 18-year-old Hailey Bustos on the dating site Plenty Of Just one night after they went on their first date in Auburndale, Florida, police found Hilarie dead in his kitchen in what they now believe was an armed robbery that Bustos facilitated, the reports.Sherman said the reasons for the shift are complex, but that factors may include more sex education, greater awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, easy access to pornography and perhaps differing definitions across generational lines of what sex is, whether it means oral sex or intercourse.



The study also showed that fewer young people get a driver's license or work for pay, suggesting they "are growing up more slowly than those born in the 1980s."Separate research out earlier this year by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 41 percent of high school students said they had ever had sex, down from 54 percent in 1991.It’s unclear if Hilarie’s 5-year-old daughter Lajaya was in the apartment at the time of the robbery and shooting.Miami (AFP) - Young people today are not having as much sex as previous generations, despite the widespread availability of dating sites and apps and more accepting attitudes about premarital sex, researchers said Tuesday.The study focused on younger members of the millennial generation, and found they were the most sexually inactive group since the Depression era."The only other generation that showed a higher rate of sexual inactivity were those born in the 1920s," said the study by researchers at Florida Atlantic University and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.


After the men reportedly overpowered Hilarie and got into his apartment, “Hilarie was begging for his life, he was not putting up any kind of fight, and was telling them that he had a 5-year-old daughter,” arrest reports obtained by the that Bustos was paid in cash for assisting with the robbery.

Though they provided no further details, investigators also said Bustos had been involved in at least one other robbery similar to this one in the past.


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