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Another mistake I made in the past was to agree with opinions my date had, even though I did not share the same point of view as him. Getting drunk on a date can cloud your judgment and make you do things you can later regret.



The little black dress is suddenly too “little”, your favorite jeans are not giving you the long-leg effect anymore. You are nervous because of your hopes and expectations. My horror dates were when I was really nervous, and tried to appear perfect to the guy.Men are lovely creatures, yet quite simple in their thinking. There is nothing more enchanting than an honest, warm and sincere smile. During a conversation: look directly into his eyes, give him a seductive smile, drop your gaze down for a second, then look back up at him, and tilt your head to the side. Please do not mention how cool and fabulous you are.“If she jumped so fast into bed with me, she has done the same with the men before me.” Of course there have been marriages after one-night stands, but quite rarely. Do not show off about all of your achievements on the first date.The broken ones are extremely hard to fix, so unless you want a life-long project instead of being happy, then go for it. Don’t forget, it’s your life, and it’s your decision. If he bores your panties to death, and you need to escape, talk about your ex boyfriend, repeatedly check your mobile phone, write text messages while he is talking to you, and profusely yawn in your seat while slouching. If you like him, please try to refrain from the above.


If you will get closer, you can open up your heart to him in the future. Complications are a huge turn off to both men and women.Everyone has enough baggage already, so they don’t want to adopt an even heavier load on the first date. The other way around ladies, avoid being an emotional garbage can for these “troubled lost-soul” men.


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    The most popular source countries were Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova and CIS countries, followed by Germany, Afghanistan and Israel.

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