You dating marrying type

Type A women are attracted to the stable calm steadiness of a Type B male. And then you wonder why he couldn’t just be a little more Type A. And then you try to make him Type A by nagging, threatening, withholding and being generally disagreeable while using phrase like “” And then you realize that doesn’t work, it isn’t right, and you must find a way forward embracing the less Type A aspects of your husband while acknowledging that you probably have enough Type A for the both of you. If you think otherwise then – I’ll say it – you’re wrong. Full of lively debates and potentially high decibel conversations? A woman cannot help but feel that a man should be in charge, wearing his knight in shining armor uniform, roaming the countryside looking for enemies to maim.


I took a strengths test for work last year and found that, of my top 5 strengths, 3 were future-focused.

I’m able to plan now in order to best benefit the future.


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