Young adult chats

E-Courses YALSA provides online classes to enhance the skills and knowledge of library staff who work for and with teens.

Badges for Learning This virtual badge program offers library staff a way to gain skills related to the standards outlined in Competencies for Serving Youth in Libraries.

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Webinars Keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the field with these interactive learning sessions, presented by an expert YALSA trainer. The videos, ranging from 3-7 minutes, address a variety of topics, including: social media, technology tools, programming, advocacy, collection development, customer service, professional development and others.Webinars are 60 minutes in length and include time for a question and answer period. 1, 2014, all live webinars are free to YALSA members. YELL (YALSA E-Learning Library) This is a collection of over 40 of YALSA's Webinars-on-Demand, available 24/7!


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