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Tessa, a stunning 48-year-old client, was reeling with disappointment over her last break-up. A strong feeling of attraction often propelled her into premature relationships with men who she hadn't known for long.She told me that she knew he was the one after their first date. If you're like Tessa, your fantasies can paint an amazing picture of your new beau.Do you see what's real or just what you want to believe?When you find someone with whom you share a strong sense of attraction and connection, you're apt to feel compelled to dive into a relationship.Before you commit, ask yourself the following questions: If he's not following through, he's not that interested. 'Nice Guy' Will Break Your Heart Is he gradually escalating your relationship? If he's talking about doing something together, but doesn't schedule a time, he's only painting a romantic picture.And, once the dust settles and you get to know him, it's likely that fantasy and reality won't match up.


I would dump the girl I love if my mother didn't approve of her.My mother is a Christian and a good judge of character.


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