Zachary john quinto dating


“When you forgot to mail your vote before your flight but you have the amazing and loving @zacharyquinto to pop it in the mail for you!

Make sure you don’t forget to vote on November 8th it’s so important!!

#veryabsentee #imwithher #vote #votehillary,” Miles wrote on Instagram.

"One of the most defining conversations that I had with myself was that absolutely no good can come from me staying quiet about [my sexuality]," Quinto continues. But if I take the step to make the acknowledgment and be honest, so much good could potentially come from it." It may come as a surprise to some fans to learn of Quinto's earliest dating struggles -- something the star partly attributes to having lost his father at a young age.

Of the perils of dating while in the closet, Groff remarks that he and his former boyfriend (who was also closeted) “were living in a double closet.” After coming out he dated actor Gavin Creel. When I came out, I made peace with the fact that maybe I wouldn’t be a huge movie star or a huge TV star.

And the actor admits it hasn't been easy finding the type of companionship he has with Groff because he was "in a pattern of being attracted to people who were somehow unavailable."Luckily, Quinto was able to kick the bad habit with the help of therapy.


The revelation came late in the article, when Healy describes the 39-year-old actor's role in the 2011 revival of Larry Kramer's HIV/AIDS crisis drama, "The Normal Heart." Wrote Healy: '"The Normal Heart" resonated with him on a few levels: Mr.

The duo have been spotted together numerous times, but their relationship hadn't been confirmed until Quinto's recent interview with the magazine.

And I’m still working on all that stuff -- that will never stop." Not only does the 35-year-old actor say he wants children, but he also confirms reports he's dating fellow actor Jonathan Groff, who can currently be seen opposite Kelsey Grammar in "Boss" and is known for his guest-starring role as Jesse St.

James on "Glee." Otherwise, though, he remains tight-lipped about the relationship, simply noting, "I'm incredibly happy, I'm incredibly lucky." scribe Patrick Healy confirmed "The Big Bang Theory" star's sexuality as part of a profile.

Zachary Quinto and his beau Miles Mc Millan share a fun and cute moment while walking their dogs on Monday (October 31) in New York City.

It appeared as if Miles was playfully tickling Zachary during their walk. Miles took to Instagram to reveal he forgot to mail his absentee ballot, but Zachary was able to send it for him!


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