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These Olympic Games and all that came after them, occurred in the area known as the , which was a sacred grove.


Hera, who was both the goddess of marriage and the wife of Zeus, was seated, while a statue of Zeus stood behind her.It was here that the Olympic torch was lit in ancient times and it is also here that the modern Olympic torch is lit.The first ancient Olympic Games was held in 776 BCE.This was an important event in the history of the ancient Greeks, and its date -- as well as the foot-race winner, Coroebus of Elis -- was a basic fact known by all.

In 470 BCE, 130 years after the Temple of Hera was built, work began on a new temple, which was to become famous around the world for its beauty and wonder.After the people of Elis won the Triphylian war, they used their spoils of war to build a new, more elaborate temple at Olympia.



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