Zim dating


more photos Harare, Zimbabwe In my own words : I am a very jovial but cool and laid back person who wants to live life to the fullest and enjoy spending quality time with the one i love.I am looking for a christian partner who would like a long t …


I am a fashion designer, starting up my own women's wear clothing brand in Harare, Zimbabwe. The ideal woman is someone who is understanding isnt shy and is willing to take chances and very caring and loving …Experience African Dating in Harare, Zimbabwe today.Soul is an African Dating meeting site for all Black singles living in Harare, Zimbabwe and elsewhere.more photos Harare, Zimbabwe In my own words : i would like to meet an honest,loving and caring person and not forgettin an open minded person.i love a person who makes me laugh all day and someone who has got humour..


more photos Colurd In my own words : I am a vibrant, energetic, adventurous and open minded individual who aspires to better things for my immediate family first, hoping to find that special person with a relative character to therefore …I have taught in primary and secondary school on...



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